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Infogrid Pacific-The Science of Information

Help Tips X

search text.

Search across all Infogrid Pacific sites

Infogrid Pacific all online websites, resources sites, documentation sites supports fulltext search with very simple yet very effective way. Search runs within the list of sites indexed and available on dropdown list above.

You can search across all sites, or just specific site by selecting the domain from dropdown list above.

You can use words with spaces. EG: Digital Publisher

  • OR joined. EG: Digital Publisher OR Azardi
  • AND joined. Digital Publisher AND Azardi

Above Boolean expressions must be upper case

Phrase search EG:

  • "Digital Publisher Production"

Search result string displays the first string that contains the searched term. It doesn't show all occurrences.

And the super hot feature: Keyword filtering. (SIZZLE) If you have searched for something that gives quite a few results, casually click on a keyword in any search result and the results are shortened to article with the keyword and active search term. Its search as fun!